Putting Biomedical Databases In The Palm Of Your Hands

BiomedicalPDA™is committed to publishing information-rich biomedical databases that can be accessed on your desktop PC and personal digital assistants (PDAs) that use the Palm Operating System (OS). PDAs are not required, however, since BiomedicalPDA™is also a stand-alone desktop PC application.

The BiomedicalPDA™ software application includes an autoupdating feature that allows the user to check for database updates on their PC at will. It also allows PDA users to pick and chose the databases they wish to install on their handheld device. The PDA installation process is a simple one-step synchronization (Hotsynch) procedure allowing the user to carry any or all of the databases to which they subscribe on their PDA. Uninstalling databases on the PDA is just as easy; a one-step synchronization procedure.


A scientific Editorial Board is currently enlisting experts to develop databases that will be updated regularly to ensure that they are always current. Our primary goal is to provide subscribers with expert-authored databases that can be accessed on their PCs or in the palms of their hands. We guarantee that the data presented in each database will be tailored to fit the handheld venue in which it is presented.

Biomedical Disciplines Currently Supported:

• Cell Biology (CellBioPDA Library)

• Genetics (GenomePDA Library)

• Immunology (ImmunoPDA Library)

• Microbiology (MicroPDA Library)

• Molecular Biology (MolBioPDA Library)

• Neuroscience (NeuroPDA Library)

• Pharmacology (PharmPDA Library)

• Protein Science (ProteinPDA Library)

Features of BiomedicalPDA™ Databases:

• Expert-authored and peer-reviewed

• Updated regularly

• Install on PDAs using a single Hotsynch step

• Accessible on desktop PCs (IBM-compatible)

• Install on PDAs that use the Palm OSusing a single Hotsynch step

• Ability to add notes to indexed database entries

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