BiomedicalPDA™ Basic Application

We are pleased to offer you an introductory version of the BiomedicalPDA™ software. We invite you to install the Basic Application and to obtain a free database.

This introductory offer can be obtained by installing the Basic Application your PDA using the standard Palm OS install tool. Simply click on the URL link in the last row of the table below entitled BiomedicalPDA™ Basic Application (v1.1) to obtain the Basic Application which includes a complimentary database published in our molecular biology library.

The BiomedicalPDA™ Basic Application is currently contained in a zip file. After extracting all the files in the Basic Application .zip to an empty temporary directory in your desktop, you must install all files in that directory to your PDA. The files will have an extension of either .prc or .pdb.

After installing the BiomedicalPDA™ application on your handheld device, you will see the BiomedicalPDA™ icon on your PDA screen which, when selected, opens the application and lists each of the BiomedicalPDA™ libraries available together with some basic information about BiomedicalPDA™.

The Basic Application is packaged with a complimentary database entitled Restriction Enzymes by Richard J. Roberts and Dana Macelis, New England BioLabs. Additional information about this database can be found on the Database page.

Note that the BiomedicalPDA™ software to be released within the upcoming months will upload directly to your PC and will install automatically on your PDA using a synchronization (Hotsynch) step. Updated databases to which you subscribe will install just as easily.

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