Frequently Asked Questions

How are BiomedicalPDA™ databases developed and reviewed?

All BiomedicalPDA™ databases are developed following careful editorial review of suggested databases. Once a conceptual database has been approved by the scientific editorial board, expert contributors create its content and submit the databases for publication as a BiomedicalPDA™ application. Following editorial review and copy editing of content, we work with software development professionals and IT specialists to create the final database and then post it for downloading on the BiomedicalPDA™ web site.

Can I add notes to any item in a given BiomedicalPDA™ database?

Databases consist of lists of indexed and searchable items. Once you select a given item, you have the option to "Add Notes" to that item thus allowing you to embellish the information provided. When you view the item thereafter, an icon will appear informing you that you have created a note. BiomedicalPDA™ glossaries do not include the add notes feature.

How can I author a BiomedicalPDA™ database?

We invite biomedical professionals to send us suggested application topics for development. If your idea(s) are approved by the publishers, we will provide you with specific guidelines for how to submit your database for review. Databases authored by contributors will be acknowledged on the BiomedicalPDA™ web site and on the Palm OSÃ’ application.

Do I need to know how to use Palm OS software to author a BiomedicalPDA™ database?

No. Authors prepare databases in table form using any word processing software (e.g. Microsoft Word, WordPerfect). Contributors who submit the form on the Be An Author page (and whose ideas are approved by the Editorial Board) will receive specific guidelines for preparing and submitting their material.

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